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For CISOs and Executives


RansOmnia enables busy executives and CISOs to gain a detailed overview of the ransomware threat landscape with live figures and dashboards. RansOmnia will be an excellent tool to prepare a leadership meeting and will significantly reduce the research effort, with all data being readily available and up-to-date

For Intelligence Analysts


We are intelligence analysts. When we created RansOmnia we designed a tool our peers will want to use. We offer capability to correlate intelligence and acquire in-depth understanding of threats and actors

For Security Teams


RansOmnia offers a comprehensive repository that enables security teams to implement an intelligence-driven approach to threat detection, response and mitigation

What Sets Us Apart

Key Differentiators

As intelligence analysts, we designed a tool which we would like to use in our day to day work

We intend to stay cost-efficient. Our aim is to provide a quality service that does not break the bank

Our intelligence is human curated. We offer only curated intelligence. Our clients will not get bot-generated feeds

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