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Digital Footprint

Individuals and businesses alike have a considerable digital footprint. That encompasses data about ourselves, our families, our financials, our locations of interests. For organizations, that regards their brand and reputation. How can a potential threat actor exploit such exposure? We help you find out and mitigate risk anticipating threats. We reduce the adversary's window of opportunity by interfering with their ability to conduct online reconnaissance against their targets 

1. Executive Protection

Executives and high-profile individuals are often target of unusual direction of interest from potential nefarious actors. Our service is critical in enhancing personal security for executives, VIPs or individuals subject to threats. We will help to increase their privacy and protect what matters the most from unwanted attention 

2. Leak Monitoring

No matter how secure is your home or corporate environment, anyone is defenseless against third-party leaks. When that happens, sensitive information may be available for cyber and non-cyber threat actors. That may include passwords to hijack accounts, or even home address exposing to risks in real world. We help to identify and remediate such leaks

3. Brand Protection

Brand is everything to any business. Big or small impersonation and identity takeover is a risk for all corporations. We leverage live monitoring to alert you in the event of brand abuse, and we help you take appropriate countermeasures

4. Damage Prevention

Screening digital footprint is essential to prevent reputational damage and potentially even legal ramifications. However, it is impossible to takedown online content without awareness of where it is and who has seen it. We deliver you exactly that intelligence 

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