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We leverage open source intelligence to help our clients to gather the facts, understand the context, uncover relevant information. We believe intelligence-driven security is essential to make our clients and, more broadly, our communities safe.


With this spirit, we pursue OSINT-based investigations applicable to a very wide array of areas, from cybersecurity to fighting fraud and piracy, from legal to risk-based enhanced due diligence

1. Cyber Investigations

We perform a wide range of investigative tasks in the cyber domain, specializing in incident response, support for internal security teams with relevant insights and intelligence, forensic analysis, assessment of suspicious activities, including data exfiltration, DLP incidents and insider threat

2. Know Your Adversary

Behind computers there are always people. No matter how sophisticated a threat group is, all humans have a digital footprint. We uncover and link traces in order to reveal hidden identities, reveal covert threats. In order to protect yourself, you need to know your adversary

3. Anti-Fraud and Anti-Piracy

Investigating fraud and piracy rings is essential to protect businesses and help them prevent financial and reputational loss. Our investigative service offers you actionable intelligence to take immediate countermeasures and potentially build a strong legal case. This way we help clients preventing or recovering from loss

4. Enhanced Due Diligence

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Enhanced due diligence is in order to prevent breaches and various security ramifications. We support legal and HR in carrying out personal and business due diligence efforts in connection to various processes  

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