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This website belongs to Clipeus Intelligence Osaühing (OÜ), a limited liability company incorporated in Estonia (thereafter referred to as "Clipeus" or "Clipeus Intelligence") via the e-Residency scheme. The company's registration number is 16862531, and its Value Added Tax (VAT) registration number is EE102734290.

Clipeus is a provider of cybersecurity and OSINT services to businesses, organizations and individuals. The company's registration address is Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Ahtri tn 12, 10151. 

Ownership of the company is shared among its partners. Details on the corporate structure and identifiers of the partners are available in the Estonian corporate registry.

For any question regarding these policies, please reach out to

1. Data Collection, Consent and Retention

Clipeus does not store any third-party information that is not critically required to carry out business activities. A number of business activities require data collection. By signing up for our newsletter, subscribing to and/or purchasing our services, you consent to the collection and storage of specific data that are critically necessary for maintaining your subscription and/or requested services. The information collected may include your full name, email address, and, if provided, telephone number. We do not collect any additional data about our users. All collected data are promptly removed as soon as they are no longer critically required to provide the service, unless we are mandated by law to retain them.

2. Data Security and Confidentility

We leverage third parties for a variety of business critical activities, including generating contracts and invoices, maintaining our web application, and our workspace. Our vendors hold security certifications such as SOC2. Client information, including contact details, invoices, contracts, and non-disclosure agreements, is securely stored. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your information. Under no circumstances will your data be traded, exchanged, or disclosed unless required by a valid judicial order. In connection with case files, only Clipeus Intelligence staff with appropriate entitlements have access to case files on a need-to-know basis. No case file and/or client request is ever shared with any third party. Case files are retained only during the process of work and are promptly destroyed afterward. We never retain any client data after delivery, unless mandated by law to store them.

3. Reporting Criminal or Illicit Activity

Our company does not tolerate illegal or illicit behavior. Should we become aware of any relevant illicit or potentially criminal activity, we will immediately report such information to the competent law enforcement authorities. This reporting may involve subjects of investigation and clients as well if necessary.

4. Ethical and Legal Evaluation

All requests submitted to our company will undergo a thorough due diligence examination. We will only accept case work that is assessed to be both ethical and legal in nature. We reserve the right to decline any request that does not meet these criteria.

5. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By submitting a request to our company or engaging our company in any shape or form, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to review and understand these terms before using our services.

6. Published Content

Information published via this website has the purpose to help visitors be aware of threats. This way we hope to contribute to fight cybercriminals and cyber threat actors. All published information is collected and documented based on monitoring of open sources and subsequent information processing and analysis. No confidential information or information obtained via direct engagements is ever published or disclosed. Infographics are subject to human and statistical error, as well as collection limitations. There may be instances in which infographics may not represent exact data.

7. Web Application Onboarding

Any user can sign up for our web application "RansOmnia" (thereafter referred to as "the web application"). Access to the application is conditional upon payment of a fee outlined in the subscription plans offered by Clipeus Intelligence or through separate commercial agreements. After signup and payment, Clipeus Intelligence may verify new accounts to prevent abuse of the web application. This verification process may entail requesting clients to provide information proving their identity and/or corporate affiliation. Verification may be requested at the full discretion of Clipeus Intelligence. In the event of a failed verification, Clipeus Intelligence may suspend or terminate the user account. In such cases, Clipeus Intelligence will refund the subscription price, but a verification fee will be deducted. The latter will be quantified at EUR 50 (excluding VAT) for each calendar day Clipeus Intelligence worked on the verification process. We encourage all users to be responsive and monitor their emails after signup, as they may receive questions. The calendar time for the verification process begins upon user creation. Cipeus Intelligence reserves the right to deny any user registration for a variety of reasons including yet not limited to legal and commercial matters.

8. Web Application Acceptable Use Policy

Each user account is individual. Practices such as account or password sharing are forbidden, and if detected, Clipeus Intelligence may suspend or terminate the user account involved without any refund of the subscription cost. Clipeus Intelligence proactively monitors the web application to prevent such abuses. Additionally, the content provided via the web application is the intellectual property of Clipeus Intelligence. The client may use such content for the preparation of non-commercial documents, including but not limited to internal and external documents, reports, briefings, presentations, conference papers, etc. Any usage of the application content for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden unless authorized in writing by a member of the Clipeus Intelligence board of directors. Exfiltration of the content of the application is always forbidden unless specific download functions have been programmatically enabled within the web application. Reproduction of the content of the web application to create non-commercial internal tools is also forbidden. Any violation of the acceptable use policy will result in the termination of any account or accounts without any refund, as well as a compensation claim amounting to ten times the contract between the violating party and Clipeus Intelligence. Estonian jurisdiction applies unless stated otherwise in separate contracts.

9. Web Application User Data

Clipeus Intelligence maintains a database with business-critical information about the users, including name, surname, registered email, and, if provided, corporate affiliation and phone number. Passwords are never stored. The user is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their credentials. Clipeus Intelligence has no visibility of the credentials. Data about user behavior may be collected to assess potential violations of the acceptable use policy as outlined in point 8. However, such information is never stored and is always permanently destroyed after review.

10. Consent

By entering into any agreement or contract with Clipeus Intelligence, including utilizing the web application "RansOmnia," the client accepts all the Policies and Terms of Service, unless specific exceptions are made in writing via separate contracts.

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