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Vulnerability Assessment

Are you really as secure as you think you are? The best way to know is to test your defenses. We are employ offensive techniques to assess the client's security posture. Afterwards, we guide the client throughout the implementation of the steps that are required to resolve the security issues we identify 

1. Offensive Security

We can work with the client to define a penetration testing plan and carry out the exercise as per client requirements. We are available for testing specific segments or technologies or for a full scale exercise

2. Patch Management

Patching is as necessary as painful, especially in large organizations with large inventories and legacy assets. What to prioritize? We help our clients to build an intelligence-driven prioritization in order to mitigate risk without overwhelming the organization

3. Attack Surface

How does your organization look like in the eyes of an external attacker? We help our clients to find out and take appropriate countermeasures with a dedicated assessment which does not require actual pentesting

4. Countering Social Engineering

Months spent patching, then a single phishing takes down your security! A story we heard quite a lot. We help our clients build resilience against a wide range of social engineering threat streams with a dedicated service. No standard spam emails, we take care of making the test credible 

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