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Threat Intelligence

We are seasoned intelligence analysts and we are aware only a fraction of the intelligence companies buy is actually consumed. There is a lot of "noise" which rarely leads to actions. Our service intends to tackle that issue and aims to empower clients with actionable intelligence only. We achieve this outcome by ingesting client-provided inputs and orientating our collection accordingly. As a result, we maximize action and minimize "noise" in a cost-efficient fashion

1. Client-Driven

Whether it is about malware, threat actors, hunting rules, exploits or vulnerabilities, we activate a dedicated all-source monitoring to dig the intelligence the client needs and bring it to them as quick as we can

2. Enrichment

We know context is key. We are not going to throw to the client a list of indicators without any context. We collect raw data, then we analyze and enrich them. We make sure what reaches the client is usable

3. Fully Customizable

Our target is always to provide the client with actionable intelligence. We are aware there is no such a thing as a standard product. We are open to customize collection, analysis and reporting as per the client's requirements

4. Fighting Cybercrime

Ransomware threats are on the rise. Organizations and their supply chains are under constant threat. Intelligence is essential to take immediate actions in the event of a compromise. We conduct a live monitoring of leak sites in order to identify new events 

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