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  • Ksenia Dudareva

Pro-Ukraine Group 'Blackjack' Hits Russian ISP M9com in Cyber Retaliation

In the latest cybersecurity developments, the pro-Ukraine hacktivist group known as 'Blackjack' has reportedly executed a retaliatory cyberattack against the Russian internet service provider M9com.

This move comes in response to a previous cyber offensive targeting Kyivstar, Ukraine's primary telecommunications service provider. The earlier attack on Kyivstar, attributed to Russian hackers, occurred in mid-December and resulted in severe disruptions to the telecom services. The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) investigation unveiled that the initial breach took place in May of the preceding year, with the Russian hackers meticulously preparing for the December assault, which culminated in the simultaneous wiping of numerous virtual servers and computers.

Blackjack, in claiming responsibility for the cyber assault on M9com, declared that they not only disrupted the internet services but also successfully exfiltrated confidential data from the Russian internet service provider. The leaked information encompasses images purportedly demonstrating their infiltration into M9com's systems, along with account credentials for both employees and customers. Additionally, a substantial 50GB of call data was reportedly disclosed. Screenshots shared by Blackjack showcase various actions taken during the attack, including FTP command execution, deletion of server files, wiping of data from backup devices, and removal of critical infrastructure elements such as configuration files, the RIPE database, and billing portal. The hacktivist group also claimed to have defaced M9com's official website as part of their retaliatory measures.

The impact of Blackjack's cyber operations extends beyond typical hacktivist attacks, as they not only disrupted services but also engaged in wiping servers, intensifying the recovery challenge, particularly if backups were compromised. Reportedly, the group managed to delete approximately 20 terabytes of data during the M9com attack.

It's important to note that M9com reportedly did not respond to inquiries from various press sources for comments regarding the authenticity and validity of the leaked information. Some sources suggest potential affiliations between the Blackjack group and the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).


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