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Cyber Av3ngers Hit Another Eurotronics Water Supply System

After the hack of the water supply facility in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, last November, a hacking group calling itself "Cyber Av3ngers" claimed another disruptive attack against the Erris area water supply facility in Ireland. The event, which occurred on 7 December 2023, caused extensive disruption, leaving residents of Binghamstown/Drum towns without water supply for about two days. Water supply was reportedly restored two days later, on 9 December.

Cyber Av3ngers targeted the Eurotronics SCADA systems—the same target as in the Aliquippa event. The threat actor presents itself as a hacktivist group. Eurotronics is an Israeli company which makes, according to the threat actor, any Eurotronics system globally a target.

Based on the sophistication level and the victimology, there is potential to hypothesize a correlation between Cyber Av3ngers and Iranian state-sponsored activities. However, this hypothesis is unconfirmed and speculative based on presently available intelligence.

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