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AnyDesk Credential Compromise

In the night of February 2, 2024, AnyDesk released an advisory confirming a compromise of the company's "production systems" without further specification other than indicating the event is not ransomware-related.

As the advisory mandates customers to reset their web application portal passwords, there is a potential that the event impacted credentials of my[.]anydesk[.]com web application users. However, there is reportedly no evidence of a compromise of end-user devices.

The event appears to have been discovered on January 29, when AnyDesk logged a change to their code signing certificates.

AnyDesk users may want to consider the following actions:

  • Reset the client portal password;

  • If the potentially compromised password was used across other platforms, reset those credentials as well;

  • Make sure to enable multi-factor authentication across accounts where the password was reused;

  • As a precautionary measure, revoke the AnyDesk session tokens.

AnyDesk's investigation is still ongoing. There may be developments during the next days or weeks.


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