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Trojanized Android Apps Distribute Novel Malware

McAfee discovered a new Android backdoor, dubbed "Android/Xamalicious." The malware has been created with the open-source framework Xamarin. The distribution occurs via malicious Android applications available on Google Play. Reportedly abused applications include:

  • Essential Horoscope

  • 3D Skin Editor

  • Logo Maker Pro

  • Auto Click Repeater

  • Count Easy Calorie Calculator

  • Sound Volume Extender

  • LetterLink

  • Numerology

  • Step Keeper

  • Track Your Sleep

  • Sound Volume Booster

  • Astrological Navigator

  • Universal Calculator

  • Dots Link Puzzles

Once installed, the malicious application operates as a stager responsible for acquiring permissions from the user, downloading, and installing a second-stage malware with the capability to take control of the device. It can perform fraudulent actions, such as clicking on ads and installing apps without user consent.

The malware has a self-update function that enables a wide range of threats, including serving as an access broker for the deployment of additional malware, information stealing, and banking trojan-like activities. However, the main malicious activity observed so far appears to be operating as a bot to perform revenue-generating clicks without any actual user interaction.

Reports suggest over 300 thousand devices have been affected globally.


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