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  • Ksenia Dudareva

Cyber Attack on Parkovy Data Center Disrupts Major Ukrainian Services

Ukrainian entities faced a large-scale cyber attack on January 25th. Reports of disruptions came from the national postal service Ukrposhta, the largest Ukrainian oil and gas company Naftogaz, State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety (Ukrtransbezpeka) and the Ukrainian border crossing system Shlyakh.

On January 25th, Naftogaz reported a significant cyber attack targeting one of their utilized data centers. The company's press office issued a statement addressing customers online, acknowledging the large-scale cyber attack on the mentioned data center. The statement reads, "At present, our websites and call center are not operational. Further details regarding the restoration of services will be communicated in due course. We appreciate your understanding."

On the same day, Ukrposhta reported that a significant technical glitch had occurred in their IT systems. During that time, their branches were only able to facilitate parcel pickups and process payments.

Ukrtransbezpeka reported that their website stopped functioning due to a technical malfunction in the data center leading to a temporary disruption in accessing the Shlyakh system.

Later on January 25, Parkovy data center reported that a significant cyber attack has resulted in widespread disruptions to the operations of Ukrainian entities.

According to reports, the data center fell victim to a large-scale cyber attack, causing temporary interruptions in the regular functioning of its services. Subsequently, the company assured the public of the restoration of stable and uninterrupted operations within the data center infrastructure.

Forbes highlights the significance of the company's cloud storage, which is utilized by numerous government agencies. These agencies reportedly store substantial amounts of data, such as files, videos, and images, in the cloud for various internet-based applications. The aftermath of the cyber attack underscores the vulnerability of essential digital infrastructures and prompts heightened scrutiny of cybersecurity measures in the face of evolving threats.


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