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Sometimes our clients may need expert advice to strategize the building of a security program or to gain specific insights. We offer a contracted consulting service that helps our clients exactly with what they need

1. Standard Operating Procedures

In our professional experience, we have worked in building security programs in multiple organizations. We can advice our clients in building and implementing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the main areas of cybersecurity

2. Tooling and Tradecraft

The cybersecurity tool market is huge and every tool scores 100% in their own marketing. But truth is each organization is different and tools should be chosen accordingly. We help our clients select tools and implement appropriate operational security tradecraft to maximize the impact of their investment

3. Development

The success of a software comes down to many factors, but nowadays security is an essential part of it. We collaborate with development teams to offer a security-centric perspective in order to help them building with security in mind

4. Privacy

Finding information on individuals and organizations is our job. We can help clients improving their privacy from the very processes and methodologies they implement. This way we make sure to minimize the risk of compromise and unwanted disclosure

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