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Our Vision


We aim to anticipate threats, mitigate risks, and achieve true security through strategic, proactive, intelligence-driven measures


We support our clients throughout their journey to build long term resilience against specific attack streams and threats


We provide clients with tailored, refined intelligence designed to facilitate timely actions


In today's threat landscape, everyone - whether organizations or individuals - is a potential target of cybercrime and fraud. Our mission is to expand access to intelligence-driven security, which is why we have developed services tailored to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes as well as individuals. We believe this inclusive approach benefits not only the overall security ecosystem but also our communities

Holistic Approach

Today's threat landscape demands a comprehensive approach that goes beyond technical silos. We do not focus solely on technology and assets but take into consideration human elements that are frequently the weakest link in the security chain

What's New at Clipeus Intelligence

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